Rabbit Food: How to Eat Like a Bunny for Easter



Get ready to move your kiester. It’s almost time for Easter.

That means family dinners, brunches with friends and lots and lots of treats. Most of us look forward to devilled eggs, gooey glazed ham and a plethora of pastel-painted cookies. But there’s a better way to pay tribute to the Easter Bunny than by biting off his brown, chocolat-ey ears. Why not try mimicking his diet for a change?

After all, rabbit food isn’t just for the Easter Bunny – it’s for all of us! By filling your plate with fibre-rich veg, you’ll be less likely to go back for seconds (or thirds) of more indulgent foods. And what better place to start than our furry friend’s favourite?

Carrots are low in calories and high in fibre, plus they’re loaded with disease-fighting antioxidants. So hop to it and channel your inner Easter Bunny with these 3 delicious carrot-packed recipes.

Ever wonder how the Easter Bunny stays energized all Easter long? Well, for starters, he always begins his day with breakfast.

People who eat breakfast are more likely to regulate their portions and have long-lasting energy throughout the day. Bonus points for soluble fibre-packed meals like these overnight oats that will keep you feeling full even when you’re frolicking like a bunny.


  • Carrot Patch Hummus Pots

Time to dust off your green thumb and dig out some healthy snacks. Carrots and hummus are a simple snack guaranteed to grow your appetite for garden grazing.

Pair your rabbit food with fibre- and protein-packed hummus and you’ll be so satisfied you won’t even notice all the chocolate you missed on the Easter Egg hunt.


  • Carrot Crush Smoothie

Look, I don’t carrot all how you get your veggies, but here’s a smooth way to sneak in some of those sweet orange gems. Just throw them in a blender with a few other ingredients (I do milk, orange juice, frozen mango, ginger and cinnamon) and you’ll have extra bounce in your step in no time.


Hoppy Easter Everyone!



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